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Water Crisis

Water Crisis

Millions of people including children die every year because of unhealthy drinking water, which is a great part of our population. Until now, the non-availability of water was only considered as the major reason behind water crises. Quality of what people are drinking to good health was nowhere counted in the water crisis reports. Now, when the lower quality of drinking water is making up a big part of health issues, everyone is concerned to solve this problem. Synergy Solar INC. is the part of this campaign to help people realize that clean, safe and sustainable water supply is the only effective and wise solution to the water crises. Here we have discussed how we offered solutions –


In dry regions like Rajasthan, we see a trail of women walking several kilometers just to get a bucket of water. And even that water is not potable by international standards. Don’t you think a necessity as basic as drinking water should be easier to avail? Isn’t clean drinking water a right, and not a privilege?
Our water vending machines have helped many of such women to get safer drinking water easily. They don’t have to walk kilometers to get something, which is utterly important for their survival. Moreover, safe drinking water has miraculously reduced the impact of water born diseases in those areas.

How you can help?

“Whenever you see a need, just jump in and do it,” Kumar Says. Water is the basic necessity and everyone has the right to access clean drinking water. You can help the initiative by being a part of their training programmes, donating filters to village through their Adopt-A-Village program, or just spreading awareness about the amazing technology that can change the lives of thousands of people in the country.
The heart and soul of India lies in its villages. Come join our cause or whatever cause touches your heart,” Kumar says. Water is the basic necessity and everyone has the right to access clean drinking water. Let’s help people exercise this right.