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Technology Partners

Core Technology Partner – Trunz Water Systems AG, Switzerland
We at Synergy Solar INC, believe in serving our clients by offering them best technology anyone can have to ensure their health. To achieve reliable and satisfying results we collaborated with Trunz Water Systems AG, Switzerland for their water filtration system technology. Trunz Water Systems AG includes field-tested and experienced water treatment technologies.
As per the quality of unprocessed water, the water treatment systems divide them into two processing routes.
Ultra filtration is used for:
• River water
• Lake water
• Well water
The ultra filtration membrane removes organic contaminants, viruses, bacteria, cysts, etc. down to a size of 0.04 micron without requiring toxic chemical treatment. Ultra filtration mode works through a mechanical procedure. Processed water is filtered under pressure through a high-technology hollow fibre membrane. This process keeps the natural mineral ratio of the water maintained.
Reverse Osmosis is used for:
• Sea water
• Salted well water
• Brackish water
Apart from water desalination, the Reverse Osmosis technology removes all contaminants, bacteria, cysts, viruses, etc. down to a size of 0.01-micron without using any toxic chemical treatment. Generally, the reverse osmosis filtration technology uses a multi-layer membrane, which filters the water under high water pressure.