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Partner NGO

NGO Partner – I.C.V.I.T. (Indo-Canadian Village Improvement Trust)
I.C.V.I.T. (Indo-Canadian Village Improvement Trust) is one of the renowned organizations supporting rural areas to grow through their improvement projects, since 2007. As a southerly partner of I.C.F.S.B.C. (Indo-Canadian Friendship Society of British Columbia, Canada), I.C.V.I.T. was founded by Dr. Gurdev Singh Gill in the year 1976. This society has been registered under the law and order of Government of India and is operating several projects successfully in many parts of India. Synergy Solar INC. collaborated with I.C.V.I.T. to establish village improvement projects by installing solar powered ultra-filtration water purification plants like Synergy Water ATM machines.
How they work?
In order to improve the living and health standards of any village or area, I.C.V.I.T. adopts that village and executes several village improvement projects like installation of Synergy Water ATM machines in collaboration with Synergy Solar INC. (partner with Aqua Infinitum GmbH, Switzerland).
Story of a Village
In November, 2011, Indo-Canadian Village Improvement Trust together with Aqua Infinitum GmbH, Switzerland (partner with Aqua Infinitum GmbH, Switzerland) installed the solar powered ultra filtration water vending machine that produced over 10,000 liters of safe drinking water or daily use of local people. The water was given of free of charge to the local residents of the village located in district of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India.