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Market Potential

There are numerous other companies, working with the same aim as we have. They are also offering people with innovate solutions that can purify water and save them from water born diseases. We don’t consider them as our competitors, but we do consider them as our companions in the journey to enlighten people and help them live a healthy and prosperous life.
The thing that differentiates us from others in the market is that we are offering public with affordable solution to access safe drinking water. They don’t have to buy any purification system or get it installed; our decentralized model has greatly enhanced the level of access to Synergy Water ATM machines.
Recently, our long time efforts have shown the positive output and more and more people are getting aware about the benefits of our vending machine. Latest reports by UNICEF and WHO stated that over 97 million people of India still don’t have access to purified drinking water. We consider it as the real challenge and striving to reach this part of population.