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Poor quality standards of water due to chemical and bacteriological contamination has lead to outnumbered water borne disease, which further lead the humanity towards untold misery and even death. Unhealthy water not only affect t he mental and physical health of humans, but also affects the economy of our nation. As per the research done by WHO, more than 80% of Indians don’t have access to safe drinking water.
Governmental efforts were never been enough to cater the need of purified water for rural areas, even though they have invested a large chunk of budget in providing people with drinking water. Facts state that the piped drinking water is not entirely safe for drinking as the pipe leakage and underground structure foreign materials to contaminate it. Joint efforts are required to solve this problem and improve the overall health status, economy and productivity of the nation. Under this context, interventions from corporate social responsibility (CSR) seem relevant to solve the issue.

How Synergy Solar INC is contributing

Synergy Solar INC is one of the leading organizations, offering access to purified drinking water to people living in rural parts of India. In order to reach them and cater their drinking water needs, we have joined hands with several corporate firms and we see ourselves collaborating with more such organizations to share our aim.

Business Model

Synergy Solar INC.’s water ATM machine business model is based on the partnership between a donor, local community and the entity itself. The participants have the roles as follows –

The governmental organization (Gram Panchayat) representing the village or community offers –

  1. Reliable and known source of water
  2. A suitable location for the installation of the vending machine
  3. Electricity connection with required power to operate the vending machine and related system
  4. Support to aware the people about its benefits and right ways to use it
  5. Declaration of the payment system and explanation of user-payment collection

The donor provides –

  1. Funding for the deficit in maintenance and operational costs
  2. The donor funds the fixed cost of the project, which covers the building, machinery, plant, storage, installation, commissioning, community mobilization, survey and other certain connected expenses.

Synergy Solar INC manages the project and takes the responsibility for –

  1. Installation of the water center
  2. Selection of a suitable location for installation
  3. Efficient and better operation for Synergy water vending machine
  4. Maintaining the quality of water in order to ensure the water standards
  5. The maintenance and operating costs for system is done by Synergy Solar IN, which helps us to ensure our own sustainability over time.

Corporate world plays an important role in scaling and enhancing the social projects handled by social enterprises. Almost every services and products supported by the social enterprises and corporate world to local communities are successful, as their cost has been distributed among organizations, and which is for some good cause. Communities are the base of our social and economical pyramid for evaluations and development; everyone should come forwards and show their interest and efforts towards the CSR for setting up water vending machines in underserved or rural communities.