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A Rural Focus

Synergy Solar INC. started with an aim to provide people with an affordable way to get access to pure drinking water in several states of India. Most of our plants are established in rural and semi-urban areas if India. We understand how difficult it is to survive when you are not having enough resources. Life gets even worse when several water born diseases are detected to people leading a poor lifestyle. Keeping this thing in mind, we are trying to give a helping hand to those people by installing water Synergy Water ATM machines in those areas.
At Synergy Solar INC., our journey was not simple enough for us. Firstly, we have to make people realize the mistake that they are making by neglecting the importance of purified water. It is really very difficult to make a poor man to get a penny out of his pocket for something that he can access for free from somewhere else. Keeping this in mind, we tried to encourage people to only use safe drinking water; we installed Synergy Water ATM machines for free supply of purified drinking water. As a result, now we have a great customer base and people understand the importance of purity in water. This was all we were always trying to do!