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Special Report on Potable Drinking Water

Special Report on Potable Drinking Water

Do you think Potable water is a good business without any brand tag when it is delivered to the common public? A number of companies are now indulged into this activity, so it seems like it is a good business. When few out of these companies were questioned about the same, they answered in a simple preposition, which was, “We are delivering what government has entirely failed to, and we are delivering it at an affordable price.” Well this seems completely logical!

Recent census has stated that over 30-70% of Indian rural population doesn’t have any access to safe and pure drinking water. As an answer to this issue, government tells everyone to view the pipelines and water supply structure they have invested in to supply water across the cities and villages. But, busted pipelines and leakages in the whole structure makes that supplied water even more contaminated that it was in its initial stage. There is no suitable answer for this malfunction in the system that anybody can give. But, at the same time, we can’t neglect to think about the solution.

The economically stronger part of the society will definitely think of it and invest to install purifiers, but what the rural and economically weaker part will do? They still have to rely on the government supply of water, because it is the most affordable source that they have access to. Again, discussion leads us to something public, in order to offer access to pure drinking water in such suburbs where pure drinking water was just a dream.

Undoubtedly, private sector has to take the charge and they did through the solutions like water ATM machines and Water vending machines in certain localities. Earlier, communities predicted that there is a danger for their culture and society in it, which was really surprising. And they objected on the installation of Water ATM machines. But now, everyone understands its importance and adopting it as an healthy option.

Still after the introduction and elaboration of these water vending solutions, there are some unanswered questions that are yet to be clarified. Until and unless they are answered in an understandable pattern for the common public, the companies are handling the maintenance and regulation part on their own or according to their partnership deals.