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Water Vending Machine

Synergy Water ATM – Water Vending Machine

Coin operated Synergy Water ATM machine with inbuilt RO water purification system and chiller to provide you cold and pure drinking water, human’s basic need to survive and lead a healthy life ahead. The machine has 5 stage filtration plant, water chiller, Wi-Fi and CCTV camera, and regular cleaning and washing of 20 liter jar. The power source used to keep these machines working is mostly renewable like solar power, wind power, and AC Grid power for backup.

Why You should use it?

Water borne diseases are the number one cause of deaths worldwide, with WHO and CDC estimates pinning 3.5 Million deaths every year to contaminated drinking water. In India alone, around 2,000 people die every day due to lack of clean drinking water, and out of these, children under the age of five are most vulnerable.
Most villagers consume unsafe drinking water on a daily basis. Some of these families opt for the boiling the water prior to drinking which can be costly. Those who can afford it, buy bottled water to reduce the risks of such diseases, while economically and financially weaker people continue to consume impure water, which eventually causes diseases and death.
Water is our basic need and we consider it as life, but why we still don’t bother its purity! Healthy human body consists of 60-70% of water content; still we force ourselves to drink contaminated water. Why? High cost of the purification systems is the main reason behind people’s negligence, as not everyone has enough money to get a purification system.
Synergy Solar Inc., an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, is up with the solution to help people in getting pure drinking water! The Synergy Water ATM, a water vending machine with inbuilt water purifier and chiller is designed to work on a dispense mechanism. You just need to place the bottle in the dispenser, press the start button, insert the coin or swipe your card as per your need, and you will be able to get pure drinking water.