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Synergy Water ATM, A water vending machine is a low-cost innovative solution to offer precious drops of safe and affordable drinking water!
Water is not that pure as it was in earlier times; unfiltered water is like a career of deadly microorganisms. As every human has the right to live a healthy life, they also do hold the right to access potable drinking water, no matter from which part of the world he comes from! Synergy Solar INC. offers an instantly deployable water ATM system that works on the strategy to route safe drinking water to underserved communities. In order to purify water from any source of water as per the WHO standards for quality drinking water, we offer a scalable and sustainable solution – Synergy Water ATM!
Our aim is to offer access to one of their basic rights – The right to drink safe drinking water. Apart from being an efficient solution to provide instant access to filtered drinking water, Synergy water ATM is affordable too.

Providing safe drinking water

Our Water Vending Machine

Synergy Water ATM – Water Vending Machine
Coin operated Synergy Water ATM machine with inbuilt RO water purification system and chiller to provide you cold and pure drinking water, human’s basic need to survive and lead a healthy life ahead. The machine has 5 stage filtration plant, water chiller, Wi-Fi and CCTV camera, and regular cleaning and washing of 20 liter jar. The power source used to keep these machines working is mostly renewable like solar power, wind power, and AC Grid power for backup.
Why You should use it?
Water borne diseases are the number one cause of deaths worldwide, with WHO and CDC estimates pinning 3.5 Million deaths every year to contaminated drinking water. In India alone, around 2,000 people die every day due to lack of clean drinking water, and out of these, children under the age of five are most vulnerable. Most villagers consume unsafe drinking water on a daily basis. Some of these families op....
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